Have you received a code from your Traffic School?

Tap “Use Code” at the top of the page to use your code.
or “Campaign Code” button at the center of the front page.
or “Use Code” button on the bottom of the front page.
Enter or paste your code on the page that appears and follow the instructions.
Be sure you have entered the code correctly, upper and lowercase letters.
If this does not work?

Double check that you have entered the correct code.
Make sure you are NOT logged in as another user.
Still problems? Contact the Traffic School / Driving instructor from which you obtained the code.

Forgot your password?

Go to the “Login” page and tap “Forgot password?”

There you will be prompted to enter the email you used for initial registration (account creation) here at theoryfilm.no


If the email matches the one you used for initial registration, you will soon receive an email with instructions on how to reset the password associated with your account.


Haven’t received email? Check your spam filter.


If you get an error message stating that the user does not exist,
then you do not have an account or you used another or incorrect email when first registrering at our site and we most likely cannot help you.

The films should be able to be played on all devices and browsers, but some browsers are better and more up to date than others.


We recommend Google Chrome browser on ALL devices like 60% of all world users already do.
YES, even on your “Apple” tablet.


Always ensure that the “browser” you use is updated to the latest version.


We would also recommend that you always have your device updated to the latest available operating system.


In most cases this will solve all playback issues.

When a film is playing

Select the “CC” icon at the bottom of the screen
and then select your desired language from the list.

If this does not work, and you are using a different browser than Chrome, we recommend that you switch to it.
See the bottom of the page for how.

Contact Us!

Normal processing time for inquiries is 48 hours. However, the vast majority of answers can be found in the list above. Questions answered there are not answered in this list.

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