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Rights to and use of the website 

The website Teorifilm.no is owned by the organizations Positive Trafikkskole, org no. NO 989 686 410 and is run by Mjølnir AS, org no. NO 914 566 916, hereinafter referred to as “the Organizations” and referred to as “we”, and is a common portal for making available The goods and services of the organizations.

Adoption of terms

By visiting and using this site you agree to the terms given below.


The organizations have all rights to this site and the content published here. Content, design, and data on the site are protected by the copyright laws and other laws. The rights to all product and company names, logos and brand names on the website are owned by the companies that own the site. The content cannot be changed, reproduced, published, distributed or otherwise used for public or commercial matters without permission. In this case, contact.

Responsibility for content on the site

The PositivThe individual organization is responsible for the content the organization publishes on the website. We take no responsibility for inaccuracies and omissions in the content or for the fact that it is updated at all times. We may at any time completely or partially modify or remove the content.

Any decision you may make as a result of the content is at your own risk. The organizations cannot guarantee that the site does not contain viruses or harmful elements in general.

No registration by an anonymous visit

If you visit Teorifilm.no, information about you will not be registered unless you actively enter information about yourself. During visits, our web servers will only register your IP address to count the number of visits, the average time per visit, the pages visited and the like. We use the statistics to analyze the use of the site and improve the quality of the content.

Registration of information about you

In those cases where you wish to shop in the online store, sign up for your business in one of the Organizations, enroll in courses, participate in consultation with standard (s) and/or want a newsletter, we will ask you to register personal information in order to could give you the necessary follow-up.

Communication with you

Depending on the purpose of registering information about you, we will send you information related to this purpose. The organizations own the information that is recorded through the site and want to be able to send you news stories such as news, information about changes to the site and our products, user surveys or other important messages. If you wish to receive this, it is necessary that you consent to this when you register. When you shop in the online store we also send you an e-mail with the order confirmation.

Personal information submitted to Teorifilm.no

At Teorifilm.no, we process personal information in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Act. Personal data will only be registered when you submit your order or upon your consent to the registration. When you shop in the online store, we will ask for the information that is required according to the requirements of Norwegian law and which are necessary for us to be able to fulfill our obligations to you. Information is recorded eg about a name, address, alternate delivery address, what your order includes and that you have confirmed that you have read and accepted the terms of sale.

You have the right to access your personal data.

Information about trading in the online store, including personal information, will be kept for ten years in accordance with the requirements of the Accounting Act, and your name and address will be included in our customer register.

If you want personal information about you to be corrected or deleted from our archives, please contact us to request correction or deletion. If you have registered as a customer in the online store and want to know which personal information we have stored about you, you can log in to “My page”. You can make some changes there and if you have any other issues, please contact us. We do not store more information about you than is necessary for your customer relationship and compliance with the accounting law and do not use the information for any matter other than to safeguard our obligations to you as a customer.

When we ask you to register personal information, they will not be used for anything other than what you consent to when registering the information. Before you consent, you must be informed of what the information is to be used for (matters related to online shop, registration, courses, consultation, newsletter, etc.), and by whom (which or which of the Organizations).

To the extent that we want to share personal information with others, this will happen within the law’s requirements, and only with those who perform services for us as data processors, for example in connection with electronic payment services. Such access is only provided where necessary and not for any purpose other than providing you with the agreed-upon treatment.

In addition, we may disclose personal information if we are subject to such extradition on the basis of law or legal ruling.

We also have the right to transfer our customer database, including personal data, to a third party who wholly or partly takes over our business in an acquisition or a partial transfer.

As a service to the users, Teorifilm.no contains links to other websites that contain relevant sources of information. Teorifilm.no tries to link to serious websites to the best of its ability. Teorifilm.no disclaims all responsibility for the content of web pages that are pointed out or products and services sold there, including any breaches of privacy legislation or other violations of Norwegian law.

Teorifilm.no uses so-called “cookies”. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your hard drive by the site you visit. The file contains information and is used to support you as a user and for statistics. It does not pose a security risk to you and allows us to provide you with a service that works best. The function can be turned off in most browsers through a menu option such as “settings”, “security” or the like. However, this will have consequences for the use of the website in general and the online store in particular. For example, you cannot search for items and articles and log in, and the items will not remain in the cart either


For questions about editorial content and usage, contact the website’s web editor.

Regarding questions related to the content and use of the online store as well as privacy, correction, and deletion of personal information, please contact Mjølnir AS, post@mjolnir.no.