What is theoryfilm

Visual exercises from the curriculum

The films provide a learning tool that gives students the opportunity to prepare for their driving lessons and repeat exercises visually. The result is more efficient driving lessons. Less explaining in the car leaves more time for driving the car.
Theoryfilm is extra useful for students with limited opportunity to practice privately or when a practice companion needs more knowledge about exercises the student should to master.
The films cover all the exercises that are necessary to reach the curriculum goals all the way down to the little details.

Theory-tests for each exercise

After watching a film, you can test yourself using the theory tests that follow each exercise.
These theory-tests are in Norwegian and English only.
If you get everything right you can show that you master this in practice to your traffic teacher and you are ready for the next exercise. This way you use Theoryfilm not only to pass the theoretical exam but also your practical exam!

Subtitled in 16 languages

Are you not quite steady in Norwegian?
The films are in addition to Norwegian, subtitled in 16 different languages.
* Norwegian – English – Arabic – French – Serbo Croatian – Pashto – Polish – Russian – Somali – Spanish – Thai – Turkish – Urdu – Vietnamese – Chinese and now also in Tigrinya!
Try your desired language using the film on this page!

Authorized and Recommended

Theoryfilm.no is developed by experienced traffic instructors and certified educators. A number of authorized traffic schools use this learning plattform actively in their programs.
See “Recommended Traffic Schools” for an overview of traffic schools Theoryfilm.no has practical and professional cooperation with.

Press "CC" button on the video to choose your language.